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Risers & Subsea Spools

Fabricate, test and outload a subsea water injection line for the Saudi Aramco Qatif crude offshore pipelines. The Spool pieces were coated internally using a special robotic blasting & spraying technique monitored on video footage. Externally, the spools were coated with concrete for resting on the sea bed (sizes spanned 30" 16" and 12" with concrete thickness of 2.5"-1" and overall lengths of 65 metres). The design pressure was around 5400 psi.

Client:  ARAMCO


Dates: Jan 2008 to May 2009.

Challenges: The major challenge was handling the 65 metre 30" spools, each  weighing 42 tonnes.  This was achieved successfully through exact engineering calculations and designs and through effective use of heavy lift equipment.


The Berri gas field and Qatif oilfield are near Jubail in Suadi Arabia

Aramco: Saudi Aramco is Saudi Arabia's national oil company